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I don’t think I’ve ever seen CiCi tear up or be emotional before. I’m glad she seems to have found happiness

Are they harassing you in the ask box cause I'll kick them bxtches like Solange

Hahaha! No not at all! I just saw something on tumblr and it made me laugh Nah, I don’t get any negativity on here :) I’m cool with everybody.


So because I’m a Ciara fan I’m not allowed to dislike anything Ciara does? wrong.

Me not liking Ciara’s hair or being in opposition to anything else Ciara may do does not make me less of a fan if anything it makes me an honest one. It would be such a disservice to Ciara and her career if all her fans applauded and agreed with everything she did. and when we don’t it doesn’t mean that we’re making it okay for anyone to hate on her because a “hater” isn’t going to hate on Ciara because her fans aren’t in agreement with her choices they are going to hate because they are miserable, lessor, failures who have nothing going on with themselves.

I love Ciara just as much as the next fan and I wouldn’t have put energy into running this blog for the past four years if I was anything but a fan. so before you go getting extra sensitive and calling into question the authenticity of my support for Ciara please have some logic in your claims 101sands

Lord knows I despise fans like this. I’ve had my fair share and it’s annoying.